The 7 Universal Laws

How to eliminate stress by embracing the 7 Universal Laws which dates back to ancient Egypt & Hermes. As a wise man said “When the ears of the student are ready the lips of the teacher will appear”.

Are you ready?

1. The Universe is Mental ~~~~ There is a single Universal Consciousness. Your Mind is part of the Universal Mind.

2. The Law of Correspondence  ~~~~ As above, so below, as below, so above, as within so without.

3 The Law of Vibration ~~~~ Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates at different frequencies. LIKE energy attracts LIKE energy. Everything we experience with our five senses we also experience in the mental realm. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE VIBRATIONS!    Unconditional Love is the highest vibration and hate is the densest vibration. You CAN learn to control your mental vibrations!

4. The Law of Polarity ~~~~Everything is dual, everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites – there are two sides to everything. Things that appear as opposites are only two extremes of the same thing.  Hot & Cold may appear to be opposite but are just varying degrees of the same thing!

  • Love & Hate
  • Yes & No
  • Peace & War
  • Energy & Matter
  • Positive & Negative
  • Fear & Courage
  • Good & Evil
  • Failure & Success

GOD IS ABOVE THE OPPOSITES – When we train our brain to focus on God behind our every thought, statement and action, and by always focusing on the GOOD even when things appear to be BAD… then in time you will raise your vibration.

5. The Law of Rhythm ~~~~ Everything flows out and in, everything has its tides, all things rise and fall.THE PENDULUM WILL ALWAYS SWING AS FAR TO THE LEFT AS IT DOES TO THE RIGHT! This can be seen in waves in the ocean – the tide flows out and the tide flows in, the swaying in your thoughts from positive to negative, and in your personal success and failures all have a rhythm.  It is when you realize you can stabilize your world by your thoughts that things improve greatly!  It takes a lot of practice but you will get it – and the backward movements become less and less negative to your previous backward swings – you will then learn to nurture your soul.

6. The Law of Cause and Effect ~~~~ Every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. In accordance with this Law, every effect you see in your outside world has its origin in your inner or mental world. To become the MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY you must master your mind – for everything in your mind is a MENTAL CREATION! Know there is nothing like CHANCE or LUCK – they are simply terms used by people who do not understand this law.

CAUSE AND EFFECT apply to all three planes of existence: The Spiritual, The Mental & The Physical.

The Spiritual Plane of Cause and Effect are instantaneous on the Physical Plane of Time and Space – creating a time lag between the cause and the eventual effect. Know and understand when you focus on your chosen goals with INTENTION using creative visualization – the thing that you want is manifested in the SPIRITUAL WORLD and with continued sanding away at your thoughts, that which you want in your physical world will manifest!

7. The Law of Gender ~~~~ EVERYTHING has its masculine and feminine principles. The outward expression of the feminine is  love, patience, intuition and gentleness. The masculine element is energy, self reliance, logic and intellect. Within every woman lies the qualities of a man and within every man lies the qualities of a woman. When you know this and understand it YOU ARE COMPLETE!  It is all about balance.

“The Principles of the Truth are Seven – he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the doors of the Temple fly open”
~~~ The Kybalion

There are SEVEN major Universal Laws by which the entire Universe is governed…the Universe exists by these Laws and it is the framework which holds it together.

By knowing these Laws you can change the circumstances of your life so you can continually create your intended reality and achieve true mastery!

The Science of Being…..Baron Eugene Fersen’s 1923 book and: The Kybalion written by the Three Initiates

Rev Fairy Godmother